Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mad Hatters: High Tea

Written by Velveteen Libertine

Last Sunday morning Velveteen's hottest high-tea-goers; Ben, Sarah and Enzo all met me for the launch of NewActon's high tea 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' @ Du Jour.
No one does high tea fashion better than Sarah. Sweeter than her cupcake!

We were greeted by clueless staff who obviously weren’t properly briefed on said event. Having said that, all was forgiven when we cast our eyes on the sugar dusted selection of treats laid out.

Not only was their cake, there were tiers of cupcakes, choc-dipped shortbread, chocolate layered gateaux, cherry tarts, fresh scones with fluffy cream and a bucket of champagne on ice for your table. (We had 2)
There were also mini pastries, cucumber sandwich swirls and to be honest- more options than I can remember.

This was a Tea Party and there was certainly no shortage of tea options, all supplied by T2 and served in mis-matched Maxwell Williams polka-dot tea sets.

The event commenced at 11am, but for our $39/head we were invited to continuously top-up our plates and indulge in bubbles until 4pm. Oh, there was a jazz duo too.

Move over Hyatt, your out-of-touch arse was just kicked.
After consuming my weight in cake, too much champagne + sun, I retired to the Velveteen mansion for some much needed boudoir relaxation (Read bed + air con + gossip girl).

Much love and consumed calories. xxV

Its' on again this Sunday check out the details on Out In Canberra. Thank you Velveteen, Love Nina x

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Anonymous said...

No worries Nina. OOoH it was such fun. Bubbles & yummy icing. Highly recommend.