Monday, July 20, 2009

Canberra does Project Runway: Team Anthony

Written By Velveteen Libertine

I'm a fashion reality TV addict. Stylista, The Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway America, The Hills. It's my crack, my nicotine, my thing... ya know?

So it was my every happiness that Project Runway Australia's new series launched last week- and much to my surprise, it featured a Canberra fashionista.

Anthony Capon is fricken fabulous. There is no doubt about it...and what's even more fantastic than his dramatic fringe and man skirt? The fact that he's a Canberra bred.

Anthony grew up in in our nation's capital where he graduated from CIT Fashion Design in 2005.

Now residing in Melbourne, I think Anthony and his sexy androgynous get-up are destined to make an imprint on the Australian fashion industry.

Check out his design last week below- cutting edge, textured, effervescent... and that's just what he was wearing!
Project Runway screens every Wednesday 8.30pm on Arena, FOXTEL

... aaarrrgghhh... don't. have. anyone got a spot on the lounge for me??? love Nina x


abcdefg said...

I remember him from when he worked at Sportsgirl Canberra Centre!!

Barb Fisher said...

OH GOD WOMAN, get Foxtel immediately! I love Project Runway, and thought Anthony's design in the first week was defo the best. How exciting to know he's a Canberra boy.

Oooh hello, didn't know you were a Hills fan? A girl after my own heart! I am addicted, even though I know how crap it is.

Kuka said...

Isn't he great!
We're doing 2 episodes at a time, every second Sunday arvo on my couch in Kaleen - plenty of space for you! For reals! =)

poshjane said...

I came home from Sydney to find the article from the City News or Canberra Times about him on my bed :)
I wasn't allowed to get the bus that got me back to Canberra at 8:30, because then someone would have to come pick me up during the middle of Project Runway.
I love that it's become my weekly bonding session

Anonymous said...

Aw I remember working with him on the CIT graduation parade! And yeah, best sales assistant Canberra's ever seen! Good on him - I reckon he'll go a long way!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish that I had Foxtel :(

I love that dress he's designed.


mel bomba said...

shows like this i wish i had foxtel too.

JustJess said...

After listening to everyone rave about the show last year, I was determined to get the Foxtel for this year - of course I told hubby it was for his football addiction, but I know better.... Great to know he's a Canberran! Can tape for you - do you have vcr?

Anonymous said...

Omg its totally streamed online kids!

alivicwil said...

did you make it down to Melbourne last week for the final runway show?
It was fabulous.
Gnomeangel's posted a sneak peak: