Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Giveaways and a Green Christmas: In style

I'm so in love with these beautiful Earth-friendly gift cards and tags by Earth Greetings from Canberra's Brindabella Baby online store...
Brindabella Baby also stock organic, sustainable and ethical products for mums and babies...
"The range at Brindabella Baby is focused on environmentally sustainable alternatives to the products in most department stores. With a preference for WAHMs (work-at-home-mums - or aunts, or dads...), or sweatshop free commercial manufacturers when a WAHM product isn't available, you can be sure that you are supporting ethical means of production.

And just for the lucky readers of Canberra's Got Style, a giveaway just in time for Christmas...

From the divine Emma of Brindabella Baby, a pair of fabulous organic cotton Babylegs (leg warmers - can also be used as arm warmers if mum wants to pinch them!) and the completely useful and good Charlie and Lola tome "Look After Your Planet" by the ever styling Lauren Childs (sigh, love her work!)
And to add to the prize, I'm going to include a mobile, inspired by the stylings of Charlie and Lola and these gorgeous birds by Spool (spotted here), made by moi using completely extraneous but gorgeous fabric scraps from my collection.
So, Canberrans, to be in the running for this giveaway, just leave a comment below and tell me about the little person you would be giving them to. And if Brindabella Baby were to open a physical shop, where is your favoured location?

The winner will be chosen on Tuesday morning 23rd December and I will deliver the prize (to a location in Canberra!) myself, now go for it, love Nina x


Lady Smaggle said...

Whoo hoo! First comment!
If I won the prize I'd give the baby leg warmers (which are so freakin cute) to my lovely friend Kate who is having a bub in Janaury. She is the one that I mention on blog that looks like a Buddha and I rub her pregnant belly all the time. I gave her a tiny drum for her baby because I've decided that he is going to be glam-rock star. Like David Bowie. The leg warmers would most certainly assist him in this persuit. And I'm sure he'll thank you when he wins his Aria.

Oh and I totally think that the baby shop should be at Ainslie Shops. Right by Thom Quigley. Fashion town!

Tara said...

Yay a competition!

If I won the baby legs I would give them to my lovely chubby 5 month old baby girl Rory. She is super sweet and has the sweetest little smile. She would make a great baby leg model. :)

Now, if Brindabella Baby had a store, I would love it to be located in Braddon. It would be totally at home in amongst some of the most stylish trendy creative shops in Canberra.

Naomi said...

A competition! Great!

I would put these lovely little things on my lovely little girl! (And boy - twins). I love baby legs so much , they are especially great for those in between days where it not really cold but not really warm.

I think that Brindabella Baby should have a store in the Plaza in Woden. Nice central location.

Good luck everyone!

stuffandwhatnot said...

Thank you fir this lovely opportunity. Those birds are gorgeous. ! I would give the baby legs to the new baby boy of my friend. So new I don't even know his ndme yet.

I think brindabella baby should go to dickson shops, they could do with dome extra style but ainslie would be a great second option!

Tamara said...

What a generous offer! A friend of mine has just had her third child, so I would give the leg warmers to her for her bub. Of course if she wants to wear them as arm-warmers while she's crafting at night then that's her business :)
I would give the Charlie & Lola book to my son, who has been learning about recycling at preschool. And I would give the bird mobile to my niece whose birthday is in December so she always feels 'shortchanged' when it comes to gifts.
As for location, there's already a trendy baby/kids shop in Braddon, so I think somewhere southside, like Woden or Phillip (near The Little Red Engine or Eckersleys Art Store) would be a good place to set up shop.

elizabeth said...


I am not from your area, but wanted to say GREAT BLOG and also I think brindabella is amazing, and if she ever opened a shop in Canberra... maybe she expand and open another down here too! (central Vic)

great and well done both of you

elizabeth xx

Amanda said...

How can I resist goodies from Brindabella Baby?? It's a rhetorical question, really, because I can't (resist, that is). I have already bought Baby Legs for every member of my family with a baby. But, in my own household, ownership rights are becoming a matter of dispute: the baby owns 'em, but the toddler wants 'em. This is no big deal at the moment, but I forsee some trouble once the weather cools down again. So, if I were to win, I would stage a solemn presentation ceremony, to highlight to Madam Toddler the gravity of the Baby Legs gift and the need to keep it well guarded (this would also distract her attention from the fact that the birdies were being given to her little sister ...).

I had long hoped that Brindabella Baby would shack up at the Chifley shops. But there's no room at the inn! (Unless my hairdresser goes bust, and we don't want that.) So, I'd be happy to see Emma behind a stylish counter in Phillip, or at a local shopping centre on the southside (Farrer?? Lyons - the new Early Childhood School there might bring suitable passing trade ...)

And Merry Christmas to all!


Kirsty said...

Thanks for a great blog and wow, a competition for Christmas! The baby legs would go to my 7 week old Elliot. He's a tiny little thing now, but I'm sure his matchstick legs will fatten up by the cooler months.. or perhaps I could give them to my 10 month old niece... The bird mobile (the prize I most covert) would be used as the focal point of his room... we've been a bit slow on that one. And.. the charlie and lola book to his big brother Oliver.

As for location of shop, I agree that Braddon is a great place for it, though living in Narrabundah, how about the Narrabundah shops!


Michelle said...

I'm going to be totally selfish and say I want them all!! Our long awaited bub is due TODAY! As of 1.40 am no sign of him but perhaps he'd come out if he had some super stylish items awaiting him!! I would also like to see a shop at Woden. That way I could use public transport to get to the shop and reduce my carbon footprint and satisfy my desire for "pretty, pretties"!!

Anonymous said...

Love your twins would just adore these Chrissymassy treats! This would mean that i dont have to do the FRANTIC shop next week!! Oh, & of course isnt Braddon the most likely site for a retail store??.(Who would of thought, after all these years??)

perempuan said...

Oooh, I'd love the leg warmer for the one currently still in my belly. The little bub is due in February. As for the mobile, my beloved 17 months old Amara would be so fascinated by it I am sure.

Okay, the majority says Braddon, some say Woden. I'd say, Gungahlin or Belconnen. A lot of young families there. The mums would love to shop somewhere nearby.

Leah said...

I'd say Phillip would be the perfect place for Brindabella Baby - preferably next to the Little Red Egnine, my favourite toy shop!

Gemma said...

Location? Somewhere I can walk to, my local shops ;) I would say Belconnen, near the Mall but outside somewhere so after a shop I could take the kids for a play beside the lake.

The gifts are gorgeous. I would definitely give the legwarmers to my 4 month old boy who I am just starting to use MCN on and I am dying to put in a pair of legwarmers, he'll look so cute with his chubby thighs (which are actually rounder than his two year old brother!)poking out between the legwarmers and the nappy. I would have to give the mobile to my toddler. He loves birdies and it just makes me happy to hear him talking about "birdy eat, birdies tree, birdy come."