Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kids in style: Riley and the Sleeping Quarters

Gorgeous Canberran Blogger, author of "Beijing Tai Tai" and childrens book "Riley and The Sleeping Dragon" and busy mum, Tania McCartney recently revealed the spaces she designed for her two, Ella and Riley, so cute I just had to share them with you...

"We absolutely love art in our house. These are canvases stretched with vintage fabric found on ebay and I got the black and cream paintings in Beijing. The cartoon portrait was done of Ella in San Diego and the black and white photo with the cut out of a fairy Ella was something I designed for an article in beijingkids magazine."
[ella+room2.JPG] [ella+room3.JPG]
"I began collecting wooden toys (above) for Ella when we first moved to Beijing. Such a shame she'll soon be turning 9 and will be well grown out of such things... maybe I can buy them for ME."

And in Riley's room, Tania has done a stellar job of fending off offending primary colours and Disney characters so plentifully on offer... The bed linen is adorable, who doesn't love monkeys?!


And while Tania ponders whether it is time to 'mature' their rooms, she's happy to savour the innocense a while longer, "Isn't decorating a process not an end?". So true Tania!

[riley+room+3.JPG] [riley+room+4.JPG]

Beautiful rooms Tania, though I completely understand the need to make changes.

And make sure you check out Tania's books, they are both a great read,

love Nina x


smileybella said...

Gorgeous gorgeous girl. x

Chrisy said...

Really inspiring spaces...I too love that bed linen...