Monday, May 11, 2009

Handmade UPmarket: coming soon

It's time again, with a week and a half to go, the divine quarterly Handmade Market is coming soon. Here's a delicious selection of just some of the fabulous goodies you will find, all handmade by clever people right here in Canberra... I'm loving...

1. Look Mama gift card 2. Handbag by Red Instead
3. Fockspace Design softie 4. Look Mama gift card
5. Fockspace Design softie 6. Melanie Swan Designs wall decor
7. Rockstars And Royalty fascinator 8. Tango & James Cushions
9. Melanie Swan Designs wall decor 10. Look Mama gift card

Not to be missed, Handmade Market is on Saturday May 23 from 10-4 at Albert Hall. Check out the Handmade Market website for more info about great things to win, and special deals from the handmade sellers.


lillipilli said...

Oh YAY! I'll be in Canberra or this one! Hurrah! See you there!

Grant said...

I'll be there like share-ware :D

I'll bring you your prize then!



redmag said...

I can't wait for the markets...I'm sure I'll end up buying more than I should....and I'm looking forward to seeing you there!
P.S Thanks for popping my little things up here....