Wednesday, May 13, 2009

homeMADE local star: homebound

I was watching Chanel Nine's homeMADE program this week full of hope for great success for local Interior Designer (and friend) Tonie Sauers. In the opening episodes Tonie's challenge was to design the living areas of the teams house - in 5 days, but sadly for her things didn't quite fit to plan. As the first designer eliminated from the line-up, Tonie gets her final say in this interview (via

Best part of being on the show?
Meeting all the great people both on and behind the scenes.

Which of your designs was your favourite?
Bronte's bedroom by Richie. He did such a great job!

What was it like working with the other designers?
Great! Interesting to have such a cross section of different talent. Even though I only got to spend one week with them, I learned so much and while the judges were scary I must say they had some pretty good advice too.

Do you regret any of your design decisions?
My choice of lounge of course!

How did you cope with the pressure?
Not very well apparently. I think I became a bit of a scatterbrain with all the mayhem going on around me.

Any bitchiness behind-the-scenes?
I think there was probably more bitchiness on screen. Once we were all back home at the end of the day we kind of put the day behind us. Very professional designers! Everyone gets along fine just now.

Did the deadline impinge on your creativity?
Yes. The deadline meant that I wasn't able to think through decisions like I would have if I'd been given more time but I guess that's not the competition! I definitely would have swapped the couch if I had time.

Do you think you gave it your best shot?
Questionable ... I think I would have done better next week if I'd have had the chance. More experience, less nerves! Oh well, it's not to be!

If you could do it again would you do it differently?
I'd like to say yes but tend to be stubborn and proud so no! But still — if I'd had the time I would have sent the couch back. It was a real mistake. I'd also think twice about the home made art. It didn't go down well with the judges.

Was it what you expected?
No. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into! But it has been such a great experience and what I've really enjoyed is the support I've had from my colleagues ... they are throwing me a party tonight which I'll certainly enjoy.

Who do you think will win?
I don't know — they are all so talented! Whoever wins will get a great kick-start to their own business with $100,000.

Aww... Well done anyway Tonie - and you looked so fabulous on screen too!

Love Nina x


Market Girl said...

Of course we will keep watching but it won't be the same now!

smileybella said...

Was so sad to see Tonie go! She is gorgeous. Good luck to her.

Barb Fisher said...

I was really sad to see Tonie go. I thought the show was quite disappointing in that the timelines given were so ridiculously short that no designer could really give it their best shot. I know this supposedly makes good television, but as someone who appreciates good design, I would rather them have a decent deadline so we have the opportunity to see fantastic results instead of something obviously rushed. Good work Tonie, great to see the ACT respresented so well.