Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitters please: Stitching up the NGA

Sharpen your needles and prepare to knit! (There's phrase I never imagined I would use!).
Knitters are invited, by guerilla knitting group Knitta Please, to create pieces 10-20cm wide x 140cm long which will be stitched together to create coverings for 6 concrete poles at the front of the National Gallery of Australia.

Any colour, yarn or technique will be accepted, but extra points for originality - the brighter and wackier, the better!!! How awesome is this bus??? See more of their handiwork around the globe at their website here.

If you're up for it, and as slow as me - start your knitting now and follow the link here to find out where to send your knitting and when.
This event is part of Knitta Please, a festival of events from 5 to 12 July, which celebrates the final week of the exhibition Soft sculpture at the NGA.

Loooove it, can't wait to see it, installation takes place over 4 days at the Gallery from July 7th.

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Anonymous said...


I don't Knit; but I am thinking I'd love to see the installation. Perhaps we should visit together? A dual blogging experience?
We do look rather fabulous together...