Sunday, August 23, 2009

The booty: a couple of bargains

Thanks to the Vinnies Monster Clothing sale on Saturday, here are a couple of gorgeous goodies I scrummaged... for a whole $5 I grabbed an as-new Mambo tweedy overnight bag, gorgeous nude and black gorgette scarf and completely cute clutch.

Actually, I ended up there as a volunteer for the morning - re-hanging the many fallen and discarded items on the floor. I'm sure glad I went to the trouble though, of selecting the perfect outfit to clash horribly with the fluoro vest I was given to wear for my shift! But then again... what does go with fluoro orange???

It felt really nice to help out... and I got to shop thoroughly afterward... marvelous fun!
Did you go too? What bargains did you get?


perempuan said...

Great loot! Such great price too. Love the Mambo one.

Prim and Pretty said...

My next brooch design was inspired by a brown cord coat ($7) that I picked up at the Sale. THE lining was to die for. Orange/brown floral take a peek in a week I will show it off in my blog.

poshjane said...

I drove a car full on my friends there and we bought almost the entire collection of plush toys to decorate their apartment with. I personally got two lovely tops and a navy jacket which we all fought over and couldn't decide who looked best in, so it's now communal.

Luna said...

OMG, how could I have missed this??

Tara said...

Damn! I missed this, and I love tweed. So much!

Anonymous said...

I scored a Yves Saint Laurent dress shirt, an adoreable navy spotted tie, a pair of navy cord pants and a cute red bow-tie :D