Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Glamour model launch: Inspired

I recently attended a glamourous cocktail party hosted in the upstairs gallery of the Holy Grail Civic as the launch of Inspired Model Management. A room full of gorgeous models and glitter was all a girl could take if it weren't for the fact that the company was rather fabulous and the champagne flowing.

A room (mostly) full of black, black and sparkles made me happy in my own designed hot pink dress (not slimming!) and an extra dash of colour from Viktoria Novak, who shared a preview of her collection of fascinators for the evening - so pretty!

Down stairs the main event was the grand final of Miss Top Model Canberra. It was boozy, with bad stageing and unspeakable sound quality... sorry I can't tell you who won, I disappeared soon after the opening musical number looked like pole dancing could be involved. A shame for the competition which I wish could have been dealt a lot more dignity. Images below show there was some good taste with Inspired Model Emma looking gorgeous...

Images from the event kindly from photographer Ina Jalil.

Check out Inspired Model Management online here. And thank you Inspired for inspiring some much needed glamour!

Love Nina x

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