Monday, December 24, 2007

Behind the curtains with: Ninaribena

Ok, so that's me! But somebody's got to kick it off, so let's take a peek behind my curtains...

Dining room: Table from Cite, Chairs from revolve, Light from Beacon. Art (near clock) by 'Jewels', painting by Ninaribena, rug from carpet court, shelving from Aldi.

Lounge room: Painted coffee table by Ninaribena, childrens chairs from GoLo (recovered in found fabrics), throw rug Amy Butler fabric from Addicted to Fabric, Throw cushions from IKEA and by Ninaribena, 3 canvas panels with paper from Pepe's papiere, 'Snabel' paper floor lamp from IKEA.

"Zesty colour and fun pattern rule my Interior. With the walls mainly a simple white and the floor in natural timber, the colourful art and furnishings really add fun and playfulness. My style could be described as whimsical mod style."

Entry Hall: 'Muji' storage cubes from Target, baskets from Howards Storage world, message board from Aldi, red rug from Inrugs Brand Depot, 'Ona' coat rack from Cite, 'Cherie' clutch bag by Ninaribena.

Family room: "lineal" chairs in red fabric from Cite, coffee table from revolve (painted red), "one bad apple" art by Ninaribena, 'wheely bug' ride on ladybug, white childrens chairs and rug from Freedom, floor cushions and 'Mammut' table and stools from IKEA, 'French Bull' plate from Until, Bud design ducks available at Unit Concepts, blackboard storage unit by Ninaribena.
"Designing around children can be challenging, but rather than accepting the 'standard' pastels or primary colours, why not credit them with good taste and work with slightly more sophisticated-but-fun colours?"

Dylan's room: ''Vikare' extendable bed from IKEA, storage cubes from Hot dollar, dot rugs from Spotlight, photoclip mobile from Homewares Direct (with fingerpuppets and lettering). Rubber duck canvas and lettering found at Hall market, 'Blimp' wall pockets from IKEA, child lounge by Ninaribena.

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