Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hot Shop: Bison

Since launching the first range of Bison stoneware and ceramics in his Pialligo workshop many years ago, former archeaologist Brian Tunk's beautiful creations have become popular around the globe.

Influenced by the first pottery made by man, the forms are pure and simple, decoration is minimal and colours are very now.

Tulip salad bowl 'Dervish' Vases

Sculptural milk bottles 'Cucina' bowls

Salad bowl Table pots
photography by David Plummer
Proudly made right here in Canberra, Bison is sold around the world.

Bison is located Beltana Road, Pialligo. Need directions?


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Err... didn't Bison start out over the border in Queanbeyan?

I always found it ironic that the two Canberra design "greats" (Bison and Fink) were actually both not in Canberra at all!


ninaribena said...

Right you are! But, in the spirit of finding cool design in Canberra I will be including Bungendore and Queanbeyan as 'part of Canberra' - because there are cool things to be found there too. Glad you're enjoying my blog! cheers.

Anonymous said...

Bison actually started in Wanniassa in 1997. The designer lives proudly in Canberra and has for 17 years. The move to Queanbeyan was motivated by lack of studio space in the ACT. And thanks for the shout out...we don't consider ouselves "Design Greats" but are grateful for the local support and ability to encourage other potters and artists to earn a living in a financially restrictive industry...
Best regards the Bison team!