Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hot Craft: Etsy Canberrans

Check out these fabulous clever and crafty Canberrans here and on ETSY "your place to buy and sell all things homemade".

Briony Morris
"Primarily my interest would be constructing clothing using period patterns and raw materials.Hand making one off and limited runs of floral corsages and hair accessories from original vintage and reproduction fabrics is another way I like to spend my time.This little corner of etsy is where I am showcasing the fruits of my labor.I really hope you enjoy."

"Scientists say that one out of four people are crazy. Check three friends, and if they are ok, you're it."
Handmade books, stationary and more. These goodies are gorgeous.

"Welcome to Fock Design Space - home to colourful handmade toys constructed from new and vintage fabrics. For more info on what I'm up to right now check out my blog"

All images are from ETSY

1 comment:

meagan said...

just randomly stumbled upon this blog and ive gotta say, this is awesome! (and not only because you've featured some of my work).
keep it up, i'll definitely be checking back.