Friday, August 1, 2008

Designing mums: Elrock

After admiring these loverly and practical bags, I quickly got in touch with the Canberran creative mums behind the label, Elrock. I spoke with Rosy Winter about the work they create together...
Can you tell us how Elrock began? Rochelle (Morrison) has a passion for fashion and fabric. She had been designing and making clothes since she first learnt to sew but she had a burst of creative energy after her first baby was born. She bought some beautiful fabrics, dusted off the trusty sewing machine and designed and made a batch of baby bags for herself and some friends. While she was at it she made some smaller handbags in a similar messenger bag style with gorgeous fabrics enclosed in feature flaps covered in PVC.
When her maternity leave finished she came back to work and brought in some of her work to show her friends and workmates. When I saw them I went wild with delight and became one of Rochelle's most enthusiastic first customers. I have a background in textile design and enjoy screen printing so when Rochelle then asked me if she wanted to become her business partner and take making beautiful bags a little more seriously it was a perfect match. And that's how Elrock was born! We then got two sewing machines going and spent weekends in our kitchen 'factory' while our children buzzed around us. We started with a batch of 100 bags which mostly sold to friends and family.

That led to a second, bigger batch and the rest is history... Above, Rosy and Rochelle at the launch of Elrock in November 2007.

What do you find inspires or influences your work? When you have design ideas floating around in the forefront of your mind inspiration tends to jump out at you wherever you look. Recent trips to Paris and London and of course our own fashion Mecca – Melbourne. We both love cruising the web and drawing inspiration from textile designers and other bag makers. When it comes to designing our own textiles the inspiration generally comes from nature - a flower or leaf from the garden.

"One of our aims is to develop something that is truly Canberran and truly cool."

Elrock aims to make a range of bags that are beautiful and colourful but at the same time hardwearing and simple. The style of Elrock bags is a perfect combination of arty and delicate with urban and sporty. These bags can withstand being thrown into the car, slung around to your back when riding a bike and any accidental lip gloss spills can be wiped perfectly clean without fuss. These bags don't have the gold bits of bling that you might find on other bags that you see around. Elrock bags won't catch or scratch. They are practical and gorgeous.
What is in the future for Elrock? We are working on developing our range. We will be bringing out some different styles: a smaller bag, a tote, a nappy bag, a travel wallet, beach bag and more! We are also exploring some more creative use of fabrics so that each bag is an artwork in itself. These felt designs have been a huge hit with our customers and each one is unique. Right now we are creating more unique felt bags and also working on designing and printing more of our own fabrics which is very exciting and loads of fun.

Elrock is currently stocked in Canberra at 4 Corners Framing, Canberra Centre Ground floor , Hive Gallery , Braddon and Giftpod, Gold Creek Village. Bags can also be ordered directly from the Elrock website.

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Melon said...

I have an Elrock bag and I love it! I always get heaps of compliments on it when I wear it.