Friday, August 15, 2008

Vintage style: My Sweet Muse

Yet another talented Canberran discovered on Etsy. This time it's all about My Sweet Muse, designed by busy mum of 3, these pieces are all unique and absolutely magical. I love, love, love...

"Pieces of mysweetmuse are created using authentic vintage elements which capture a story, a warmth and a soul."
mysweetmuse is a colourful and wearable jewellery collection by Canberra based designer and mummy, Eva Carter. Eva is formally trained in fashion and textile Design, accessories design and also jewellery design.

She has been collecting vintage clothing, fabric, shoes and accessories (much to her husbands disdain!) since she was 14, when her mother gave her her first allowance and told her "From now on, you will have to buy all your own clothes, young lady!" And off she ran, to the vintage stores, with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step.... Eva is also informally trained (baptism-by-fire style) in child rearing! Currently Eva is on a "Mummy Break" from the Australian Fashion Industry, busy running, tumbling and dashing madly after 3 energetic little people aged 3 months - 3 years old! mysweetmuse is Eva's creative outlet and part of her "making BEAUTIFUL things" addiction, creations materialising late at night, in the quiet, when everyone is finally sleeping...... shhhhhhh.

How beautiful, a visit to Eva's Etsy shop is a must.

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smilingheart said...

I agree with you!!!! This chick is fab, with a real passion for fashion! I have known of her work for a while now and seen she has also made some hot maxi's and bags in the past and the list goes on. I'm loving her work. What a gem to have in Canberra.