Monday, February 23, 2009

Lady Nina goes to the races

Yesterday I frocked up for a day at the races as co-judge for the junior Fashions on the Field at Thoroughbred Park, Canberra's racecourse. The day was "Preview Day" and is part of the lead up toward the Black Opal Stakes (March 8).

The competition was absolutely adorable, the children dressed up to the nines, all nervous but willing to give it a try. The top prize was awarded to a dapper little chap, Harrison, who absolutely stole the show and melted our hearts! Cuuuute. Congratulations to all of our little winners (I'll post pictures if I can get them from the organiser) you were all completely gorgeous!

Dress by Ninaribena
Belt by Cue
Vintage gloves
Hat by Deanna Mann
Chanel clutch borrowed (thankyou Deanna!)

Don't forget the main event is on Sunday March 8th. Classic Ladies racewear, Classic Mens racewear and Classic Couples racewear will be a huge event, with the main prize - a trip to Paris!
You can get VIP tickets to the Fashion Central marquee here, or just mingle.

Check out the AAMI Black Opal Stakes page for details on the day's events, and if you are entering the Fashions on the Field competitions, please make yourself familiar with the rules, and best of luck! I'll be back in the judges seat, see you there, I can't wait!


lillipilli said...

Too cute, Nina. Love the gloves, they totally make the outfit!

Anonymous said...

You look absoluetely fantastic darling! I was thinking about going to the races, now I think that I shall simply have to!

As a side note- I've posted a little quiz about my Blog on my Blog, and I would be so appreciative if you would fill it out for me...