Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Something for the table: Tango & James

Here's something completely gorgeous and unique for adding zest and colour to your next dinner party. I have 4 sets of handmade dinner linen (and more gorgeous lamps) available only at the Handmade UPmarket this Saturday...
"Hawaii Five-0" with "Flock Dot" table lamps

"Good Ship Lollypop" and "Summer Loving"

"Who's a Pretty Gypsy?" and "Peacock Parlour" lamps

And the adorable "Bread and Butterflies"

Each set, in hand selected washable cotton print fabrics, has 6 placemats, lapkins and a beautiful table runner. Too cute... champagne and cupcakes anyone?

Love Nina x


Anonymous said...

PERFECT for a Velvet High Tea ;)

Amy said...

They look FABULOUS! Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so devestated that I missed the markets yesterday - it was simply too hot for me to leave the house :(

Did the Peacock lamps sell?


ninaribena said...

Grant, I don't blame you for not leaving the house, I can confirm for anyone interested, that 8 hours in a SAUNA is TOO LONG. May have lost some weight though!!! Now, sorry darling, the peacocks flew the nest, however "Green Flock Dot" lamps remain, and loads of cushions, and one certain butterfly mobile if you're interested. xxx