Thursday, February 19, 2009

Canberra tour: Nina style!

Hi Nina,
We are from Sydney and are coming to Canberra to see the Degas exhibition and I was wondering if you could let me know anywhere else we must go to (on a Sunday) with 3 girls (ages 7 – 13). places to stay overnight – bookshops – places to eat – shops - other places we must visit/see – LOVE to hear your top picks, Thank you. I appreciate it! - Louise

Deborah Mailman by Evert Ploeg

1. For the first time audiences in Australia have the opportunity to see an exhibition devoted to one of the most significant and admired French artists of the nineteenth century, Edgar Degas. In it's world tour, The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra will be it's only Australian exhibition and it's surely not to be missed.

2. After the Gallery, you could check out the new National Portrait Gallery next door which is already established as a must visit. (Above right).

3. A wander from there through reconciliation place, enjoy the vistas and end up at Old Parliament House, enjoy the beautiful architecture, gardens and stop in at the Ginger Room for coffee and cake.

4. If you're heading into the city (civic), the new North Quarter of the Canberra Centre and nearby Garema Place are good for a browse and a choice of great places to eat, but one of Canberra's institutions is Gus' Cafe, and you can get a pretty great hot chocolate at Koko Black.

5. Some of my favourite shops are on Lonsdale st in Braddon, a must visit if you need some retail therapy. Check out the Hive Gallery, Little Owl, Unit Concepts, Bourgeois Pig and Pink Inc. Oooh yeah!

6. Could be nice to head over to Manuka (pron: Maah-nicka) for a wander around the block. Lots of great little shops and arcades, and a perfect bookstore, Paperchain. Loads of restaurants to choose from here too, my fave right now, Mecca Bah.


7. Ready to collapse yet? 2 gorgeous new hotels have landed in Canberra and both are beautifully designed, Hotel Realm in Barton, and Diamant Hotel in Acton. Both have restaurants and fab spas etc, although you may be swayed by the high tea put on by Du Jour restaurant (with a gorgeous courtayard) at the Diamant.

This Sunday afternoon though, I'll be at Canberra's Thoroughbred Park to judge the Preview day Junior Fashions on the Field. Maybe I'll see you there?

If you have any other suggestions for Louise and her family, please leave a comment below, and have a fabulous weekend!

Love Nina x


Anonymous said...

What about the beautiful kid friendly Ginninderra Village at Gold Creek? Everything you need...
A small piece of Canberra's history, plenty of room for the kids to move, The Style Emporium for all your retail therapy, Cherry Seed for a yummy, fresh cupcake, cup of tea or milkshake and Thumbelina for a little bit of wonderland heaven?

muser said...

I've been in Canberra this week. (Going home to GOulburn tomorrow.) I second the suggestion of taking a look up Lonsdale st at those shops mentioned. Also see iSkip, ITrip near Unit Concepts. I happened to be staying nearby and was so excited to find these shops on the way to where I was going each day.

susan said...

Aren't you the most generous of bloggers! What I really appreciate about your blog is that it is motivated by sharing information rather than bragging about your own cleverness. Now, there is nothing wrong with a little bragging, but so much blogging is really 'aren't I a clever clogs' disguised as info. So well done - your blog is really a community service in the full sense of that phrase. Brava!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

For the kids I'd add to the list: Questacon and The National Museum (especially K Space). If they like dolls houses and miniautres Cockington Green at Gold Creek is a must-visit.

Allycat said...

I agree that Federation square would be great for the kids lots of little shops that they can find. I took my nieces there and gave them $10 each - and they walked away with a few treasures from a fairy shop, a bead shop and of course the lolly shop!

Questacon is AWESOME - I used to go there before I even had kids and had a ball. I think the National Museum is also pretty interestin for the whole family. I don't know if they still do it, but you used to be able to hire those massive water bikes on the lake which would be really fun if the weather is nice. Have fun!

Eliza said...

If it's warm you could always go for the outdoorsy things: hire a bike and pedal around the lake, even have a pedal or paddle on the lake - you can hire bikes, canoes, those seated pedalling things from 'Mr Spokes', East Basin (take the turn-off Commonwealth Ave (Barrine Street), as you're heading towards the city just after the bridge/opposite where Floriade usually is)...

Market Girl said...

Hi Lisa,
My kids always like Parliament house. Just to see the size of the flag on the roof and they must ask 15 times "is the Prime Minister here?"

Good luck at the race day, make sure you snap lots of gorgeous fashion.