Monday, April 14, 2008

Gather around: Mecca Bah

Since opening at Manuka Terrace a little more than a year ago, Mecca Bah has been on my hot list to tell you about. Designed by Maddison Architects as a Moroccan cafe with a contemporary twist, Mecca Bah features an exceptional mix of quality Middle Eastern food including executive chef Cath Claringbold’s signature tagines and Turkish pizzas, enjoyed in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Comfortable couch seating to sink into, warm earthy colours and wonderful mismatched fabrics, highly patterned wall papers and flooring, a tagine-shaped open fireplace and crockery imported from Tunisia gives the restaurant a rustic, ethnic feel.

Mecca Bah boasts a north facing outdoor seating area on the terrace, ideal for soaking up the sunshine and, inside a private dining room that seats 14. But come winter, this is going to be one cosy wonderful food haven, you'll find me near the fire place.

So what about the food? I'm no food critic, so you can find the menu and wine list on the Mecca Bah website here (music warning) and some food reviews here and here.
Mecca Bah is at Manuka Terrace, Flinders Way, Manuka.


ninaribena said...

Just enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Mecca Bah with a couple of girlfriends over THE BEST MEAL... the food was absolutely devine! Many thankyous to Cath Claringbold and the wonderful staff at Mecca Bah for a lovely evening, Ninaribena.

Anonymous said...

The Mecca Bah is now my favourite restuarant in Canberra - great food & fantastic service - I will definitely be dining there again and again and again!