Monday, April 7, 2008

Looking forward to: Re-fab

Re-fab is an exhibition of rehabilitated pre-loved cloth. Discarded and worn out textiles, including clothing, furnishing fabrics and homewares, have been revamped and re-valued by six artists: Sally Blake, Mog Bremner, Meredith Hughes, Monique van Nieuwland, Carly Prowse and Julie Ryder.

As part of the opening evening, Youth environmental collective, Green Threads, invite you to Clothes Swap-A-Rama. Bring items you think others will value but you no longer wear and enjoy participating in the thrill of swapping good quality garments! Re-Fab and the swap-a-rama will be opened by Kate Pears, Melbourne based fashion activist and founder of The Clothing Exchange at 6pm Wednesday 9 April 2008.

Clothes Swapping fun via SFgirlbybay
The Re-Fab exhibition continues until Thursday 24 April at the Belconnen Gallery. Located on the corner of Chandler Street and Swanson Court Belconnen, the Belconnen Gallery is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


posiepatchwork said...

Hi Lisa & baby boys!! Thanks for stopping by my stall yesterday at Hall. You've inspired me to dust off my blog & get it going again after our big family move from Darwint to Canberra. Love your mission to revamp Canberra as colourful & stylish, i've found my customers to all sigh with relief, "retro colour" & leave with big smiles on their faces. Have a lovely week, for me, school holidays in 4 days & counting!! Love Posie

.girl ferment. said...

Glad to see that someone is showing that there is more to Canberra than people think. I grew up there and always say that it is just a matter of knowing people and knowing where to go. I found it to be quite a nurturing place in terms of creativity too.