Friday, April 18, 2008

National Autumn Balloon Spectacular

When I first moved to Canberra 11 years ago, I was rudely woken one morning by a terrifying foreign noise. Flinging open the curtains of my first floor apartment I was surprised to see a whole basket full of hot air balloon passengers floating past my window and waving at me! Only then did I realise that I was erm..well... not clothed, and visible from the waist up waving right back - I'll bet they didn't expect that as part of the spectacular!
This year, the National Autumn Balloon Spectacular will be held over 9 days from Saturday 19 to Sunday 27 April in Canberra. Balloons will launch each morning from the lawns at the front of Old Parliament House. The event is complete with on site entertainment, activities and food and drink for the whole family.

We expect that about 40 balloons will fly each morning. We welcome back the Kookaburra balloon to Canberra and look forward to seeing some new shapes as well.

Balloons will start inflating at approximately 6.30 and will be expected to launch at around 7am, so make sure you get up early to see this amazing site. Activities and entertainment are scheduled each morning. Click here for the event schedule. Breakfast can be purchased on the morning from a variety of vendors or bring your own picnic. This is a free community event for spectators.

And if you're in a balloon floating past any apartments, be sure to wave kindly as you pass!

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