Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Art and object: Hive Gallery

Brimming with a heady fusion of art and design, the Hive Gallery is a showcase of great Australian talent. Beautiful jewellery, centrepices, wall art, ceramics, textiles, fashion accessories, gifts and goodies...I love...
Jewellery by Love and Betty Jo

Trays by Ibride, textile jewellery by Mushu, and jewellery by Lost in the woods

Softies and cushions by Bholu, knitted and woven vessels by Lillian Widmeier

Canisters by Fink, bowls made from comics, cars made from tins.

Kitty Came Home pouches and purses, Studio Antic notebooks.

Hive Gallery is on Lonsdale Street, Braddon.

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Me, me, me! said...

Thank you for doing this blog!!!! Before I came across it, I'd accepted that living in a philistine wasteland was the price paid for career advancement.

I'm originally from Fitzroy, where shops like The Hive are a dime a dozen. It's good to know that similar places in Canberra do exist.