Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ninaribena: in the Garden

Those who know me or have ever visited Casa Ribena will know only too well that I have a gardening BLACK thumb of death, but I must admit that I have recently been having way to much fun getting my hands dirty and ordering builder men around my yard to replace the rubble and have some landscaping done.

Expanses of pebble have replaced lawn (er weeds), but slices of lush garden and timber boardwalks add visual interest.
A series of decks have improved access to useful parts of the yard and will help divide the chillout zone from the future soccer pitch!

And be rest assured that all plants in my garden shall thrive on total neglect!
Hmmm happy summers day under the 'pagoda' pass me my cocktail Jeeves...


Jewels said...

Hee hee you still have your 'pagoda'

ninaribena said...

Yes, only slightly less hideous than the grape vine-y one!

Ginger_nut said...

ooh - the pebbles are soooo cool. much nicer than the ingredients for dilby's mud pies :)