Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Schmoopsy

Aaaah Valentine's Day. For new love, it is something to look forward to and demonstrate the love and affection you feel for each other. For old and married folk, it may be a simple romantic date to reminisce fond memories. For singles it may be the evening when they hope to find "the one". And for some it is a commercial cash cow, to be avoided at all costs... so with a partner who falls into the latter category, I shall imagine...

Some fabulous chocolate from Bruno's or Koko black and a bottle of my favourite wine.
A quiet romantic evening without the children... maybe a dinner and cocktail somewhere chic - perhaps the Julep Lounge (above) or Artesspresso.
And maybe a bit of a groove at the Knightsbridge Penthouse.
And flowers!!! or even just a card??? oh well, I can imagine...
Hope your Valentine's Day is dreamy xxx

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Veggie Friendly said...

Great blog. I love the idea of showcasing the stylish side of Canberra.

I've just moved back to Canberra from Sydney and was impressed by the great new bars and shops that have opened since I've been away.