Monday, February 25, 2008

Chill out at: The Knightsbridge Penthouse

Weekend before last I had the opportunity to show of our gorgeous city to my parents visiting from Perth. We were after a 'nice' place to meet my brother's new girlfriend, so after discovering they would put on a nice cheese platter and a have a very good drinks menu, I thought the Knightsbridge Penthouse would perfect for a chilled out afternoon drink.

With a lovely eclectic mix of furniture, it is both modern and elegant - vintage mixes with opulence and a deconstructed wall feature brings the sense of history to the building.

Still retaining my favourite part of the fitout from it's days as the death-themed "Mortis" bar, the stranded fibre-optic 'hairy' light feature is still a big hit. And I can thoroughly recommend the mocktail "I'm Driving", because...well...I was driving - how very responsible!
I was so engrossed with our conversations too that I never got to check out the rear courtyard, I'll just have to go back to see it... well I don't think I really need an excuse!
Check out the Knightsbridge Penthouse, Mort Street Braddon.


Anonymous said...

We are so going soon!!!!!

L-Burt said...

Hey! Thanks for the welcome! I love your blog and definitely want to check some of these places out!

You're more than welcome to feature some of my photography. Hopefully I'll be shooting more soon :)


ninaribena said...

Jewels: my word, said the bird! maybe Kat's birthday?