Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Friday: Canberra's Got Style office

 Ok, so I have been busily deciding how to  do my office when I move into a new room. It needs to double as a rare-occasions guest room and sewing room in our house. It also gets to be the only kind of girly room as everyone else who lives here are boys. It needs to be fun and inspiring for me!
before; and Momiji
So here is what I am working with... 2 small corner desks (from Ikea), 2 Ola chairs from Cite (one red, one mint), 2 upholstered bench ottomans on wheels (will be joined together on the rare occasions we have guests here), Ikea Knappa pendant light, floral 'wall stickers' from Don't Tell Phyliss. I also have already bought lots of red storage boxes for the open shelving I will have (to hide my junk, you understand!). 
So here is the colour inspiration I have decided on...
The images are from one of my favourite books "Contemporary Eastern" by Alice Whatley. The brown fabric is on the upholstered bench ottomans, the pink/red floral represents the 'wall stickers', the green pattern is flocked wrapping paper by (Aussie) Christina Re - I plan to 'wallpaper' some wardrobe doors with it, and they will double for a bed head in guest-room mode. And my little Momiji, above (from Living In Style) inspired it all!

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katherinerose said...

Hi! I love that you have started this blog! I'm constantly defending Canberra to my Sydney friends, usually to no avail. Once upon a time, I was going to start a blog called 'stop canberra bashing', but I never did. :)