Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trinity Bar: Tuggeranong

A couple of weeks ago, I took the opportunity with my best gal pals, to check out the new and anticipated Trinity Bar in Tuggeranong (baby sister to Trinity in Dickson).
The theme is the same - everything in threes, and a dark and cruisey fitout. I was pleased to see, the ceiling-mounted beer taps (three of them of course), as in the original venue - quite an engineering triumph!
My favourite element is the lighting. Above, the fabric covered lights in the bar area.

And the reflective (brass?) ball pendants. 
Round ottoman seating, mosaics behind the bar, and, not seen in these images, the lovely dark timber veneer on the walls with a gloss black graphic - very subtle, and very chic.
Invited in by the image of this quite small space with cosy lighting and twinkling tealight candles inside. The outdoor area, streetside is covered and is a great spot for people-watching (in Tuggeranong???), yes Anketell street now has quite the cafe strip going on now!
But we were stumped by one thing... a phrase, possibly in latin(?), embedded in the polished concrete floor - "VINI VIDI VINVMBIBI I"  does anyone know what it means???


Jewels said...

Now if only they gave you three of those yummy cocktails.

Kerces said...

Very rough, but I get:
I came, I saw, I drank wine.