Monday, January 21, 2008

Designer Profile: Judas clothing's Naomi Hogie

In terms of mens fashion, there is not alot of choice for the professional 35-45 year old who wants to wear something unique. Enter Naomie Hogie of Judas clothing - classic shirts with a hint of fabulous retro/vintage. Naomi tells us how she got started...

Naomi, how would you describe your personal style? "I love being daring, but also classy. I love simple shapes with beautiful fabrics as well as mixing colours and patterns so they POP. I always wait for that ‘POP’ moment before a final piece is created."

You studied fashion, although you never intended to! Tell us about that. "Well, it’s a weird story. I did want to be fashion designer, but I always thought it was a pipe dream, until I didn’t make it into university, and found myself enrolled into Fashion Design at CIT. I actually enrolled because a friend of mine begged me to go with her. She ended up leaving the course after a term, but I loved it and stayed."

How did you arrive at doing JUDAS Clothing? its gorgeous and so unique! "I actually had a womenswear label in 2003 located in Sydney, and found it was extremely difficult. After struggling with it for a few years I decided to take a break and come back to Canberra (my home town). I have always thought of launching a menswear label as I thought there is such a whole in the market, but thought womenswear had more potential. Only when I started talking to men in Canberra, I realised that the need for mens clothing is even bigger here. So I sewed 5 mens shirts and went to my local men’s shop and asked him if he was interested in stocking them. He loved them and they started gathering a lot interest from day one."

You have plans to expand the JUDAS line, what can we expect to see? "The new collection will be an absolute show stopper. It’s called the ‘Signature Collection’, and is due to come out at the beginning of March. I’m launching 5 exclusive styles that will available from small to 3XL, and will also come in classic fit, slim and french cuff. The combinations of fabrics are gorgeous and I think the men of Canberra won’t know what hit them."

And what would you like to see in the future in terms of your work? "I would love to see my business grow in terms of stockists and staff. I do hope to launch a women’s wear label in about 2 years, and have a mens and womenswear label working side by side. I hope to have 10 stockists around Australia within a year and a production team of 8 to 15 within 3 years. I hope to launch internationally within 3 years, and would like to see a flagship store. And my ultimate mission is to create Madam Avenue as a global empire."

Where can we buy your stuff? "Currently I am stocked at Itrip Iskip in Braddon and at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston, where a wider collection is available." And dont forget to check out the Judas website .

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Khyber said...

I would really appreciate if anyone could inform me that:

How Naomi came up with the name Judas??

did she choose the brand name for her designed cloths, or some one else advised her to label her designs for men Judas?