Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hot Shop: Don't Tell Phyliss

UPDATED: **sobbing** Phyliss has closed - devastated

The newer sister to Braddon store Unit Concepts, 'Don't tell Phyliss' (on Kennedy st Kingston)sounds like a well kept secret, inside it is a treasure trove of all objects funky...I'll take one of everything please!

'Scales' mobile by Polli; Child shaped and doily mirrors by Lightly

The store has so many beautiful folded, cut-out, sculpted polyprop lighting.

"every cloud has a silver lining" mirror by Lightly

'Elm' earrings by Polli, Vessels by Lightly

Candlestick and Framed vases by Menu

Coolest squishy rubber vases by Menu

...and here's what I couldn't leave the store without, Small wooden Deerhead (would PETA approve?);
'Home Stickers' wall decal set - maybe for my bathroom?

and more 'home stickers' for the kids...and an A4 sized file, multi layered with different parts of an image , so gorgeous.

...and there's so much more goodliness in store, they stock top brands like Mozi, Signature Prints handbags (Florence Broadhurst fabrics), Koziol, Vynyl (more wall decals). Window 'lace' decals, Marc Newson orgone chair, Kartell, Third Draw Down (limited ed printed pillowcases and teatowels), 'Love' jewelry and much more...ahh giddy with excitement!

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