Monday, January 7, 2008

Fab Fashion: Zilpah Tart

Young Canberran fashion designer Yumi Holder, a new graduate from CIT with a Bachelor in Fashion design has already been making her mark on Canberra's fashion scene. Her fabulous label "Zilpah Tart" featuring some gorgeous handbags debuted at Kingston Markets 3 years ago and is currently stocked at "Ruby and Rogue", Garema place.
Yumi was a finalist in the 2007 Independant Handbag Designer Awards , an international event, in the "Best Student-made bag" category.
Yumi's "New York" handbag in two colourways.
"My style is very feminine and i like to create things that are unique. Something different from what's already out there that can make the wearer feel special and enhance their own individual personality."

"Red Wave" and "Kimono" handbags

"Kyoto saddle" handbag
"I am inspired by anything in my life that catches my eye or makes me think twice. It could be stories, movies, nature or events. "

"Picnic" handbag and "Kyoto" handbag
"Zilpah Tart was my grandmothers maiden name. When she passed away i found a 1940's brooch of a penny farthing of hers, hence I have used a penny farthing in my logo for the label."

"Moon" handbags in 2 colourways
"There were so many valuable things i learned during my studies... But the most valuable was finally being able to refine and find a direction to go in with my design and having a clear idea of exactly what i wanted to do with it. "
The Zilpah Tart 'Dream' summer 08 fashion collection has been selected as 1 of only 12 labels to show at 'Debut', a competition for emerging designers which is a part of Fashion Exposed fashion trade fair in Sydney in March this year. Congratulations and best of luck Yumi.
Until then, Zilpah Tart handbags are available at Ruby and Rouge boutique, Garema Place, Civic.

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Yumi was also a nominee in the ACT DIA Student awards, further proving the esteem her teachers held her in. Jewels