Friday, January 4, 2008

Behind The Curtains With: Alice Coghlan

In the apartment she shares with flatmate Morag, interior designer Alice Coghlan invites us behind the curtains...

"My favourite items are my 'Peanut chairs' and matching ottomans, a vintage/retro find from an antique store in Braidwood. I plan to have these re-upholstered this year in leather, I would love to see these in white, but black will probably be more practical and lend their style toward the look of Barcelona chairs"
A shock of hot pink updates the all-over cream walls and 'greige' carpet which came with the Terry Ring designed apartment.
"I would describe my style as eclectic, I have a love for my retro mod chairs and vintage dining set, and yet I love clean modern lines and girly colour without frills. I like to own pieces that may be a little unusual and unexpected."
Fabric wrapped panels unite the pinks with the grey carpet

A different way to display photos of friends and family, a wall with stainless steel wire - photos with mini pegs.
Ali has an enviable collection of shoes and accessories:
"I only wish I had more storage space"
Cuckoo clock Morag found while travelling in Europe; Gobstopper light by Alex Noble, available at Hive Gallery
The bedroom is pretty and girly without frills.
Above: Fossil clock, Bison vase, Ikea wall light.

Some beatutiful accessories add warmth and personality to the generic bathroom.
Thanks for showing us around Ali xxx Ninaribena.
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Michelle said...

I think she has realy style! Beautiful apartment.