Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hot Designer: Amy Kerr

Talented young Canberran textiles and jewellery designer Amy Kerr took some time away from her work to tell us about her inspiration and her designs. Her brand new Hizashi label with a collection of unique earrings are already making a small splash on ETSY, take a look below...

"I would describe my personal style as an Australian/Asian hybrid: a unique blend of Australian design and Japanese aesthetic. I believe that this combination works especially well and is very much suited to the contemporary Australian lifestyle."

"The jewellery that I am currently making is a relatively new material and design for me...and I'm still very excited about it!! It has been wonderful to find a material that I can use in conjunction with my patterning. "
"These earrings each feature a segment of an original pattern that I have designed and drawn on by hand. They are lovingly handmade with particular attention to detail, and are miniature artworks in their own right."

"I am inspired by small things on a daily basis...I spot patterns everywhere I even enjoy the textured cardboard on my takeaway coffee cup!

Japan:I have been inspired by the Japanese aesthetic and all things Japanese for many years now (since I started learning the language back in 1995)...and the time that I have spent living in Japan has helped to cement this appeal.

Graphic Design: Having studied graphics for 2.5 years before transferring into Textile Design, I still have a very design based approach to my work. I LOVE typography and many of my original patterns continue to be formed and inspired by letters and lettering, both English and Japanese.
Nicola Cerini: Nicola is a Melbourne based textile designer specialising in gorgeous screen printed fabric made into a variety of handbag ranges, and who successfully runs her own business. She inspired me to make the switch from graphic design to textile design during a week of work experience that I spent with her a few years ago (but I'm not sure if I ever told her that!)

"I have just graduated from the Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Textile Design with ANU. I learnt so many valuable lessons during my 5.5 years at uni, but perhaps the most important has been to be guided by my instincts and to be true to is an amazing feeling to have a degree and be free to follow my own direction. It's really exciting!"

"I'm hoping to get the new etsy store Moyou, for my textiles, up and running soon. As my final year project I hand-dyed (using a traditional Japanese technique called katazome), immersion dyed and screen printed a fabric range in a variety of patterns. I then used my fabric as the inspiration for a handbag collection...designing and manufacturing the range myself.

I am hoping to begin selling these handbags, and then to branch out into further handbag styles, wallets/purses, and other accessories and homewares.The name Moyou is a Japanese word that I love, meaning pattern. It was a word that I seemed to be using in explanation on a daily basis...and it's perfectly suited to my textile ambitions!"

"In the future I would love to be able to start my own business and continue to dye, screen print, design, and make for a living. It would also be wonderful to sojourn in Japan every now and again. I'm very excited about seeing where the future will take me!"

For now though, check out Amy's Hizashi store on ETSY and her Moyou blog.

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