Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hot Antiques!: Burley Griffin Antique Centre

Holy smokes - check out the booty at this place! its been a while since I had dropped in to the little antiques place next to the Old bus Depot Markets in Kingston, but while I was in the area I just had to drop in and see...
Mod wire chairs

Several of my favourite swivel numbers,and a cute 60's task light.

Gorgeous twin armchairs in a delicious shade of candy teal velvet, and pink velvet floor lamp.

A fabulous collection of pendant lighting

Orange, orange and white.

An allegedly original "Barcelona" chair and an "Oxford" chair

Some beautiful glassy goods

And finish off with some fantastic plastic.

Adjoining the Old Bus Depot Markets, Kingston.


Barbara said...

OOoh, this looks fab! I am defo heading there this weekend!

Amelia said...

amazing stuff!

Barbara said...

Another tip - I popped out to the Canberra Antique Centre in Fyshwick this afternoon and they have some very groovy stuff in the "Jet Age" section (I think that's what it was called). The Centre has just expanded and taken over the shop next door and it's full to the brim with goodies.