Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Art of Display: Behind the Curtains

The discovery that my milliner friend has the art of display well perfected in her Griffith cottage came as a revelation. Her training in Interior Design is certainly evident in the clever and humorous way she puts her collected artworks, photography and ephemera together so well. I had to share with you what I love behind the curtains with Deanna Mann...

Above Left: A most effective and unusual way to display photographs, the suspended tubes are from Ikea (circa ten years ago), it's small shelf above houses a few loved trinkets.
Above Right: A loving photograph is underlined by a row of coloured yarn, a sweet tribute to the smallest person in the house.

Above: Collected toys are artfully arranged on the mantle in the lounge room
Above Left: A tribute to the "Eternity" graffiti famously attributed to Sydney's Arthur Stace takes centre stage in the kitchen. Above Right: A reproduction WWII poster sits beside vintage print cushions in the lounge room.

Above: An entire wall of frames hang from the original picture rails, an amazing first impression in the entry to this home. Each frame is different and their content can be changed easily.
Above Left: Some of the frames in the entry hold 3 dimensional items and one is a chalk board, today it has on it a recipe for banana bread... yum!
Above Right: Strings of origami cranes are suspended against the hot pink wall, the "freedom" script is a wall decal, a beautiful child's bedroom.

Deanna's collection of inspirational images are even in the hall, breaking up a long expanse of wall.

Above Left: Collected postcards and photography are displayed near the back door. Above Right: Even the loo has a fun arrangement, including an image of a "No Loitering" sign! Love it! (click on the image for a closer view)

So inspiring, thankyou Deanna! xxx


Emma Davidson said...

A nice change from the minimalist look most people go for. Some of us are just physically incapable of not accumulating clutter - so it's great to see some ideas on how to put it on display.

Michelle said...

There's a load of inspiration there! Thanks Nina and Deanna.