Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cosmetic: Tiffany Parbs

As a jeweller working in close connection with the body, Tiffany Parbs is fascinated with the changing narrative of the skin’s surface and embellishment that the body absorbs over time.

Left: Tiffany Parbs , extension, 2008, Hair, digital print. Photo by Terence Bogue
Right: Tiffany Parbs, bake, 2008, sunburn, digital print. Photo by Terence Bogue

Cosmetic explores the way cosmetic surgery nullifies distinguishing marks, creating new social and cultural monikers for an individual; a false constructed memory that belies the natural journey skin experiences through time and environment. The work developed as part of this series is ephemeral, challenging the permanence of a surgical presence on the skin.

6 March – 2 May at Craft ACT in Gallery 1.

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