Monday, March 9, 2009

Black Opal shines

Oooh, a day at the races really was an eye opener for me, having never partaken in such delights, there I was as one third of the judging panel for the Fashions on the Field for the Black Opal Stakes!

The competition was extremely impressive with many gorgeous gals making quite the effort to be completely original and stylish, a very tough choice indeed! Now there can only be one winner... effervescent Canberran milliner, fashion designer (and shoe collector) Viktoria Novak, she'll be off to Paris with her adorable man Tristan, congratulations sweetie!

Above left: Our winner, Viktoria Novak.
Above right: 2nd and third place finalists

Elkie Stuart Face of Canberra Racing and co-judge with the men's finalists

Out in the field I spotted these maginficent sculptural creations, 2 of Canberra's finest fashion students in their own designs, and a close up of the coolest fascinator I saw (yes, that's a birds nest with li'l eggies.. hand made of course)! Well done girls... LOVE it!!!

While we're checking out the fascinators, here's a close-up of Viktoria's masterpiece, and a dress I may have to steal.
I shall kick myself for not snapping a pic of the innimitable Angela Menz in her outfit... gasp... I wanted to club her and steal her clothes, but she was just too nice - how could I?! (Angela, can you send me a pic, please please please???)

And some shots of Viktoria with her new celebrity besties and well dressed clients (Vik made fascinators for Jessica Good and also couture for Lisa from 106.3). And that's me, I look like shite (possibly quite drunk too), lets pretend I looked like this again! Ha ha...

Much fun and frivolity... and champers...

Cheers, Nina x

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