Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frocktober 12: Vintage style

While barely technically a dress, this gorgeous vintage fabric from my grandmother's stash has been loosley fashioned into a belted frock for today's spring floral outfit... I've worn it as is a couple of times, but intend to make an honest piece of clothing with it one day!

Love Nina x


cheeky textiles said...

Love your frocktober no 12. this looks gorgeous on and after a little session with the girls Trinny and sussanah last friday pm. i must say suits your figure well.i love the fabric it looks gorgeous on you. enjoy reading your blog.i might try a dress tomorrow in this beautiful weather.

Anonymous said...

OOOOH My fave so far! <3



ninaribena said...

Thank you Velveteen... loving your outfit shots too, isn't Frocktober fun!