Thursday, October 7, 2010

Frocktober 7: Minnie mouse goes to Manuka

I've not ever worn this dress before because of it's slightly-too-short hem line, but this time, teamed with a slightly longer skirt underneath, suddenly I'm a little more comfortable with it's length...

Dress: Valley Girl on Ebay!
Shoes: Ebay
Skirt: Op Shop
Necklace: Tango & James (available at Shop Handmade)
"superficial" decal: Typo

And some red lippy for no other reason than... why not?!

Love Nina x


susan said...

You've got great legs.

Since I am not a football player, I hope I can get away with that.

But very nice pins!

Superficial of Narrabundah

ninaribena said...

Thank you so much Superficial Susan! xxx