Friday, October 8, 2010

Frocktober 8: a seaside day trip

For the last day of school holidays we took a day trip to the beach with the kiddies. The weather could not have been more divine, the sea sparkled in the sun, shells were collected and many sandcastles were constructed and deftly ruined. Two exhausted little people sleeping well tonight!

Back to the ol' routine next week... boo. These holidays have been a bit gorgeous!

Love Nina x


Posie Patchwork said...

Look at you out & about in your frocks, enjoy the back to schoole excitement!! Love Posie

Cosmic said...

Laid-back mama chic!

Tammy James said...

I agree Gorgeous weather ... and pretty frocks at your place too! See you Monday :)

susan said...

Is the above you with a French accent?

As a lover of the scarf, you will love this series from Liberty.

Happy lunchboxing on Monday!

ninaribena said...

Oui... it is moi ;-)