Monday, January 12, 2009

ADORABLE: Schmooks illustrated

She's just opened a brand new Etsy store, I spoke with Claire Cimbora, talented Canberran designer and busy mum about her ADORABLE illustrations. Have you seen Schmooks? I'm sooo in love {sigh}...

Claire, how would you describe your personal style? Textured, layered, on the simple side, awkward, design driven, bright, and a little quirky.

Above: "In the Woods"
Where does the name Schmooks come from? A little embarrassing really… It’s a name I called my husband when we were dating, it just kind of stuck around after that!

Who or what influences inspires your work? I find inspiration from the world around me. My influences mainly come from looking at other designers and artists. I do a lot of collecting of magazines, photographs, images etc, anything I like the look of, or gives me an idea.

I never really plan what I am going to illustrate. I usually, find an idea, play with it and see where it takes me. Sometimes its a success and sometimes not.

Above left: "To The Moon", right: "Zoo"
Tell us about the techniques you use in your work? My computer is my best friend, well sometimes! I illustrate using Photoshop.

I do a lot of scanning of fabrics, textures, images and anything that I find interesting. I try to keep my designs simple. If I start fiddling I always end up going back to the original. I’m too much of a perfectionist, which is bad news!

Above: "Emily And Her Owls"
Have you studied design? Yes. I've loved art since I can remember and always wanted to be a artist when I was little. I used to spend endless hours drawing and crafting. It was in high school that Graphic Design grabbed my attention. I studied design in college and then spent the next few years in uni finishing my degree.

What other creative talents do you have? Well I work as graphic designer, which I love to bits! I then spend my spare time illustrating, mainly late into the night as I have a little 19 month old who takes up my day. He’s very cute, by the way!

I have recently finished illustrating an older children’s book, which looks at addressing homelessness and mental illness. The book is being distributed throughout schools and proceeds are going towards a new homeless housing project in Queanbeyan called HOME.

I am also trying to work on cooking as a talent, however I’m a long way off. I would call it a love/hate relationship at the moment!

Above "Her Red Shoes"
Where can we see more of your work? You can view and purchase my work on Etsy. I am also looking at getting a website up and running in the very near future.
* And Claire has just secure a spot exhibiting as part of the Art:House art and design festival on now at Benedict House in Queanbeyan.

And what do you hope for the future in terms of your work? To be able to create, create, create!

Above left: "May", right:"Neville's Friends"
"As long as I’m illustrating and designing I’ll be happy"
I strongly believe that if you love what your doing, it doesn’t matter if you are successful or not, as long as you feel good doing it!

Design for yourself and everything will fall into place– and if it doesn’t who cares, as long as you’re having a great time!

You really must see the rest of Claire's collection of work, it's absolutely guaranteed to make you smile. Schmooks on Etsy is right here {sigh}.


Jesses Mess said...

Gorgeous work I'm very impressed!

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awwww, i love them. =)

Emma Davidson said...

I just recently found these pictures on etsy, love them!