Saturday, January 24, 2009

Behind The curtains with: Nanette Louchart-Fletcher

I was grateful that when I contacted one of my favourite Canberran bloggers, after learning that her home is only a stone's throw away from mine, that she was so wonderfully hospitable. And after spending a blissful lunch and afternoon with writer of Rummage blog, Nanette, her Frenchman and their small people, we were rewarded with a tour of their gorgeous house, filled with travel memories, reminders of the Frenchman's homeland, curios and gratifying colour bursts...

Nanettes' impressive efforts in the garden are rewarded with amazing blooms, and always beautifully photographed for her new blog acacia et coquelicot. Reproduction vintage posters from the Frenchman's childhood town frame a peek-a-boo hole in the kitchen though to the playroom.
The look is all about colour, vintage pattern with a gypsy folk art twist. Nanette has a keen eye, putting it all together to create a warm and lively home for her family. In the craft room, the fabric stash is vast and colourful

Living with small people doesn't equate to a sacrifice in style, here Nanette has made her home fun and inspiring for her children, making quilts for the girls and displaying their gorgeous art in the hall - so pretty.

Check out Rummage blog for Nanette's humorous musings about life, design, motherhood, crafting, cooking and more and acacia et coquelicot blog, more centred about her journey to creating her French-Australian garden... love it!

Thank you Nan, love Nina x


Nanette said...

Now aren't you lovely to write me up so well. Thank you so very much. And thanks too for coming over for lunch we really must do it again soon!

Kaylovesvintage said...

I just love Nan's house, so beautiful and would love to live there

ann leigh said...

very real livable style, gorgeous.

Quail said...

That orange print and stripe sun dress has given me some ideas!!!!