Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year: back in style

Hi all, it's a brand new year and after a 'relaxing break', Canberra's Got Style is back with a few new Style Hunters on board! In the next few weeks I'll be introducing our new writers who will gather the good stuff to help ole Nina out... marvelous!

Even after the passing of the silly season things are still crazy busy at Casa Ribena, I've been busy organising the ultra glam school uniform and back to school stuff for my first one in school this year!... and getting things together for the next Handmade Market (on Feb 7th), and after the massive success of the last one, I have chosen to re-incarnate with something completely new... just to keep things interesting, I'll offer something different...
Ladies (and gents) I give you: Tango & James Nest - Fabulous sassy homewares for your already gorgeous nest...

Loads of colour, unusual combinations, it's all me.

Hope you love it, and I hope you had a brilliant festive season.

Love Nina x


Anonymous said...

Glorious, happy colours! Can't wait to see more (and purchase them no doubt).

If I'm not wrong, the print on that stunning green + red lamp is also a Pepe's Paperie print?

Lovely! xx

MTB Girl said...

They look great Nina! I'm a bit sad I'll be overseas by the time the next market comes along. I loved the last one and it was great to be able to chat to people like you that I have followed in blog land.

Hopefully I'll be back in CBR for the next handmade market.

Anonymous said...

OMFG! Could you make an Owl mobile? My girlfriend is having a baby in May and she loves Owls.

If not I'm still totally scrawling my name all over that bird mobile!


Watch Me Do It NINA!!

It will be mine!


seesaw designs said...

love love love - we want them all!

bugmum said...

Absolutely, where to put them?!

B Fisher said...

Lordy, you have been busy! All gorgeous, of course.

Happy New Year Ms. Ribena.


ninaribena said...

Thankyou everyone! I have had so much fun making them all, it's great hear you love it too!

Velveteen: Thankyou, I love the colour combos too, so fun! Well spotted with the paper, it is indeed from Pepe's, it's the flocked wrap by Christina Re (Australian designer), love love love it! Stay tuned for more designs. - and hope to see you at the market, come and say hi ok?

MTB: Oh, I'm so sorry you'll miss the market, sounds like you'll be having way more fun anyway! hope to see you at the next one though.

Grant: you made me wet my pants you hilarious thing! I'll be watching! Owls... hmmm... I think owls can be arranged for you my pet, stay tuned, xxx.

Seesaw and Bugmum: thank you! Glad you love it!

Barbie F: Thankyouuu darling, Happy New Year and much love to you and your little Bella, xxx

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hi NINA....hope you had a lovely Holiday!
I've been meaning to ask, do you sell your cushions?

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'