Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Published and famous: Smaggle Style

I introduced you to Canberra's most fabulous fashion blogger Lady Smaggle back in June, and since then some wonderful things have been happening for her, I just have to share with you...

Above: (left) Lady does Christmas in style and (right) looks fabulous in her custom made Ninaribena top!

Firstly her DIY necklace has become quite famous, doing the rounds from blog to blog and has been copied the world over thanks to her tutorial on how to do it. It makes fabulous use of an often discarded item from our wardrobes... reduce re-use and recycle in style!!! Give it a try, the instructions are here - fabulous!

Secondly, she has been accepted to study at NMIT in a highly coveted Jewellery and design course (not that I think she needs it, she's pretty clever already), which of course means a move to Melbourne (sadly for us, but awesome for the Lady herself!!!). Don't worry, she'll keep us in the loop with her fabulous daily outfit shots and witty observations about fashion and more.

And thirdly, she has hit the big time, a mini spread in the February 09 edition of national publication Cosmopolitan magazine (out now). Check out page 234-5 to read about our Lady Smaggle who is "The every day fashion icon", where real women have become the alternative inspiration for the fashion conscious, as opposed to celebs and models dressed in Prada. CONGRATULATIONS Lady S!!! All images from her website, check it all out at

Love Nina x

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