Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leg warmers: hot!

I luuurve the cold weather which graces us every year, and as the thermometer readings head south I get busy thinking about how to cozy up. I spotted these (actually quite sexy) leg warmers here on Etsy, fell in love, bought them immediately, and they arrived in my letterbox yesterday.

They look so gorgeous with these killer heels, now how can I work this into the pre-school drop off wardrobe?!

Also on my hot list is a grey long sleeve thermal top with black lace... at Big W! and maybe some felty wool arm warmers from here. Hmmm.


Electric Love said...

These are killer! As soon as I get my hands on my boyfriend's credit card I'm buying!

Rockstars and Royalty said...

Nice! I love legwarmers. Will have to dig all mine out now it's getting colder :)

Emma Davidson said...

Noice. Different.
I just rob my daughters wardrobes for their BabyLegs to use as arm warmers.

Anonymous said...

GOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!! Can't stop laughing @ "now how can I work this into the pre-school drop off wardrobe?!" *chuckles*