Thursday, March 6, 2008

2 weeks to Easter: Bruno's Truffels

Although the supermarkets will have us believe that we needed to buy easter eggs and hot cross buns from early January, every year I ignore them until shocked that Easter is, in fact, only days away and all the eggs left have those finger holes poked into them.
Well not this year... I paid a timely visit to Canberra's easter time institution Bruno's Truffels, where Bruno and his team of chocolatiers are madly preparing for the mayhem of the annual stampede - yes people, ques out the door should be expected, so get in EARLY!
HUGE chocolate bunnies, Bilbys, Truffels, filled eggs, honey almond nougat eggs and more more more! And my goodness the lunch rolls and coffee were good, so stop in for a bite too.
Bruno's Truffels is at Mawson Place, Mawson.

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Taphophile said...

I heart Bruno's although it's a bit close too home for comfort!