Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reinventing the silhouette: Corr Blimey

When the talented designers of Canberra fashion label Corr Blimey met at Fashion school in 1999, they immediately hated each other, this turned into a burning passion which fuelled their partnership. I spoke with Louisa de Smet and Steve Wright about their work in fashion...

images from the Northern Lights collection

"We fought for 6 months about what to name the label", eventually launching Corr Blimey in 2001. "We don't always see eye to eye on everything, but we are definitely in sync. Steve and I work so well together it's rather scary" says Louisa, "we can be working completely apart for days, then come together and discover we were thinking exactly the same ideas"

Images from the Orinuno collection
How would you describe the Corr Blimey Style?: "Corr Blimey is unusual and fashion forward. The style of the label is very much pushing the boundaries of wearable fashio. Asking consumers to question the status quo of garments. Reinventing silhouettes and structure. We enjoy experimenting with the fabric. Creating functional, clever garments."

Images from the Orinuno collection.
What inspires your work? "We are inspired by many different things, for example, I am always inspired by history and the search for the new unanswered question" says Steve, "Louisa is often inspired by the organic shapes of nature, the spohisticated way plants, rocks, animals and landscapes evolve through time." Louisa adds "I see fabric in nature all the time. I have a real passion for vegetable, Cabbages, lettuces and brociflower are my favourites. The Natural world is and endless palette."

"Our different influences mesh our designs together to enhance the silhouettes and strengthen chosen themes"

What is your greatest achievement to date? "We have done countless fashion events including fashion week in 2002 but, a designer is there to make people happy and if we can see someone on the street who looks amazing in our clothes then...job done"

"Launching our Orinuno collection in 2007 was fantastic, we had so much positive feedback. It was really satisfying to see our creations being appreciated."

Need it? You can get your hands on Corr Blimey fashion at Clothing Store Online and at the Young Blood Designer markets at the Powerhouse during the Sydney Design Festival (in April) or drop them and email Furthermore, checkout their full portfolio online here and their latest work on their Myspace page.

So What's next? "we are currently designing our new collection and I think it's going to be one of our best (but I have to say that!) inspired by structure and form and the meeting of nature and humanity...lots of stripes"

Well I can't wait, can you?

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