Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hot interior: and it's a Govt Department!

To all the people who insist that Government Departments are all hideous and dull, I give you...

This [un-named] Government department have gone groovy on all levels... three of them in fact! Central lobbies have become fun with a red, green and blue themed  space on respective floors. Iconic Artifort Orange Slice chairs, custom flooring, funky acrylic pendant lighting (Kartell?)and clever slices of colour, designed by architects  Daryl Jackson Alistair Swayne.

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Anonymous said...

HI Nina,
Wow-I just discovered this post this morning while searching for another.
I was so excited to see it as I was the Project Designer and team leader for this fitout (no longer at DJAS). So glad you like it!
It was actually 5 levels- Ground floor was a mix of all the colours and level 1 a Purple/Pink mix.
I found a cool little gem of a shop you might be interested in visiting as I’m guessing from some of your other posts you like vintage. It’s called 'Down Memory Lane' in Geelong St Fyshwick next to number 34- Handyman’s Trading post. Also- Keeping with Vintage style- have you thought of doing a post on Old Parliament House? Great place to visit on the weekend, Classic Architecture by John Smith Murdock who was truly a complete designer. He designed not only the building but light fittings, fitted and loose furniture, door hardware etc.
I definitely think it has style.