Monday, March 31, 2008

Exotic Interior Style: Sartika

After 12 years travelling the globe as an aid worker, spending vast amounts of time in Asia, it wasn't hard for Sartika's director Peter, to fall in love with exotic design. Now, bringing contemporary asian imports to Canberra is Sartika's specialty.
Open for 4 months, the showroom is already attracting a strong customer base including designers and stylists seeking gorgeous exotic style.

Need some help putting it all together? Coming soon will be a design service to help clients achieve a wholistic look in their homes.

Sartika boasts an eclectic mix of Asian styles which can be used in combination with contemporary interiors. And the most decadent outdoor furniture range is on it's way, beautiful chunky timber benches and more - be sure not to miss it.

Sartika - exotic furniture and accessories is on Collie Street, Fyshick, just across the road from Domayne. And the website is nearly ready... here.

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