Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Behind the curtains: Playing House

I have been just chomping at the bit to show you this absolutely amazing Canberran home, and here it is in it's full mid century modern magnificence...

But did you notice it is all in MINIATURE?!!!

I showed you the real home of The Shopping Sherpa back in April, and now it's finally time to show you my favourite parts of her fabulous collection of contemporary dolls houses which will be exhibited at The Canberra Museum and Gallery. Opening on Saturday in the Cabinets and Curiousities, this is one of my most anticipated exhibitions this year!

It's enough to make me want to turn back in time, but let me tell you, I never had anything this cool when I was a kid. Maybe I can be shrunk and just move in! Love it too much.

All pics courtesy of The Shopping Sherpa
Check it out after Saturday at CMAG on Londan cct in the city. Amazing! Congratulations TSS, love Nina x

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Nanette said...

Brilliant! I'll be going to this one with my little girls. Thanks so much for the post!