Thursday, October 9, 2008

Perfect unnecessary must-haves: pipduck

Spotted at Floriade, a stall in the sellers pavillions featuring fabulous and highly covetable pipduck gumboots/rainboots/wellies. You've (probably) seen them in every fashion/homewares/gardening magazine, so excited to have them visit us here in Canberra. I'm loving...

The pipduck story...
"Pip Graham a self made success, ranked in the top 10 florists in Australia over 11 consecutive years, pontificated the dilemma of having everything. Helen Duckham a legal nerd too qualified to succumb to the pressures of the 9am to 7pm corporate demands dreamt of having everything. Together they sought to feed their separate desires and fused their polar forces to create Pipduck. They decided the Pipduck quest would have one objective - to abate the perennial must-have desire of the first world. This has led to the Pipduck commitment to a worldwide effort: scanning, sourcing, collating and contributing to the Pipduck locus of perfect unnecessary must-haves."

The practical - made - fashionable range of boots and shoes designed by Tamara Henriques has been sought out by top design houses. The printed designs have won prestigious awards. A different boot is produced every year for LVMH subsidiary Pink and selected designs are featured in a number of design museums around the world.

And, naturally, I couldn't leave without several pairs of the lace footlets (middle pic) and the pink argyle boots above - perfect for spring foraging in the garden - I just can't wait to get dirty!

Hurry up and grab yours at the pipduck stall at Floriade (at the top of the hill). Floriade wraps up this Sunday. Failing that, pipduck have some styles stocked at The National Gallery of Australia in the gift shop and Home By Creations in Manuka. Oh so FAB!

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Glad you saw them: I'd planned to email you about them this evening once I tamed my inbox a little.

I would have been tempted by the boots, but I was 2 years ahead of the trend: