Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Arts: Asch and Yoko

Recent recipient of the 2008 Rosalie Gascoigne Award, Alex Asch's latest body of collage work is now exhibiting on the online Jas Hugonnet Gallery...

retired icon 2008 mixed media 31 x23.5cm
Pitching himself at a distance to the mainstream, Asch continues to mine the past while connecting with contemporary issues.
His latest body of work reconfigures the figure through collage, showing a healthy contempt towards history.

The Muslim; The Wannabe Elvis
These seemlessly quirky compositions allude to contortion and the grotesque while at the same time being elegantly poetic.
Now showing jas hugonnet gallery

Also showing this month is Only Me: Yoko Yamaguchi on at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre Gallery until October 13th 2008. Her works deal with issues of cultural identity, Yoko's artist statement reads

"One particular aspect I explore in my art is culture. Two different cultures dwell within me at all times, mixing but not quite blending with each other. My formative years were spent immersed in Japanese culture. Who I am now and how I perceive the world owes much to this time. Despite this heavy influence and the deep regard I have for my cultural heritage, I also feel that bit by bit, piece by piece, my identity is being transformed under the influence of Australian life. Ever so subtly I note changes in my way of thinking, my point of view."

Have a beautiful weekend, Love Nina x

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